Meet the Staff




Dr. Sue Mansour and her husband Cyrus are the owners of Best Friend Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge. They designed the facility to have a lodge look and feel so that clients and four-legged guests alike would be comfortable during their stay. Dr. Sue has 3 sons and enjoys volleyball, golf, piano, skiing, fishing, reading and traveling. She has a snake, a gecko, a parrot , "Pee Wee," the feisty little chihuahua, and Blue the very friendly Pitbull.


Dr. Michelle Grasso is the newest addition to Best Friend Veterinary Hospital.  She graduated from The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Grasso is married and has a dog named Kahlua.  She has special interests in Dermatology and Surgery. She has a strong drive to help animals and is dedicated to their happiness and well being.


Dr. Nikki Chiorazzi is a wonderful assett to Best Friend Vet.  She is married and has 3 children, and 2 dogs.  Dr. Nikki has a wonderful way with the fur babies and cant wait to meet yours!


Stacy Yarberry is the Office Manager at Best Friend Vet Hospital.  She is also a Vet Assistant, and Receptionist.  Stacy and her husband Dwain have 4 children between them.  Aside from her human children, she has 7 dogs, 3 cats, 2 Guinea Pigs, a Sugar Glider and Chickens.  Stacy is dedicated to our clients and their pets.


LeAnn Wehunt, talk about a little Dymo! Leann is our friendly and energetic receptionist. She started working at Best Friend through a high school work study program. She learned quickly and was offered a full-time position upon graduation. She has been with us for 6 years now and in addition to being a great receptionist, she is an avid animal lover and advocate. After seeing a seriously injured bull in an abandoned field, she didn’t rest until she was sure he had been cared for. She has 4 dogs and 2 cats and has recently become engaged!



Emily Merritt  is a Receptionist at Best Friend Vet.  Emily is married with 2 step-children and a baby of her own on the way! Emily is a true Southern woman from Alabama and will greet you and your pet with that warm Southern hospitality.  


Melinda Grant is a Receptionist at Best Friend Vet.  She has the kindest heart we have ever seen.  Melinda is Married and has 4 dogs, a cat, and a 2 horses. Melinda always has a smile on her face and is willing to help anywhere we need her.


Katie Patton is a Receptionist and Vet Assistant at Best Friend Vet.  She is very good with our clients and their pets.  Katie has a 2 year old son named Kap and is currently in school to become a surgery assistant.


Jennifer Mauney has been with Best Friend Veterinary Hospital for over 8 years but started in the field when she was 17. Despite having pet allergies, Jennifer loves animals! She and her husband Randy share their home with 8 dogs and 2 cats. Jennifer is working on her AA degree in Veterinary Technology. She is very energetic, hard-working and dedicated to excellent patient care. Jennifer is also expecting her first child and we cant wait to finally meet him!


Laura Yount may be quiet but she is dedicated and hard-working. She has been with Best Friend since August of 2007. She is currently working on her Associate degree in Veterinary Technology. She is married and has 2 children. She has 4 dogs; Zeus, Theia, Nala and Xara and a ferret named Angel. She enjoys doing fun activities with her children.


Shannon Darby is a Vet Assistant at Best Friend Vet and an asset to our clinic. Shannon has been with us for about a year and has a love for all creatures great and small!  She is always willing to help anyone and does it with a smile.


Cynthia Martin is a Veterinary Assistant at Best Friend Vet..  She is married and has a little boy named Landon.  She enjoys dog training and has been a great addition to our team. Cynthia is pictured here with Koda, he is our Webster rep Joe Cyr’s dog,


Amy Harris is a kennel Assistant at Best Friend Vet, she has been taking care of our boarding guests for over 4 years while she has been working on her B.S. degree in excercise science at North Georgia College. She has 2 furry friends at home; a dog named Daisy and a cat named Joe. Amy enjoys playing softball, listening to music, movies and spending time with friends.


Kaitlyn Head is a Kennel Technician at Best Friend Vet.  Kaitlyn has several dogs and cats, and really enjoys taking care of our boarders.



Samantha Halbman is a Kennel Assistant at the clinic.  Sam is studying to become a Vet Assistant and is learning new things at the clinic to help her do so.  Sam has lots of energy and loves to play with all the boarding pets.


Tammy Parsons is one of our groomers. Her goal is to make you Ooh and Ahh when you pick up your pet from grooming! She has been grooming 10 years and has been with Best Friends for 4 years. She is married, has 3 children Brandon, Adrian and Mercy. They have 2 dogs- Diamon, Arwen and a cockatiel named Juliet